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Bài viết giới thiệu Sample IELTS Speaking - Part I với Chủ đề: Handwriting.

1. Do you like your handwriting?

Yes, I do because my handwriting is fairly legible. I used to be the class secretary in high school. This position was frequently assigned to those with neat and clear handwriting. That's why I was so pleased with it.

2. Do you often write with your hands?

Yes, it is something I do on a regular basis. As an English teacher, I must check and correct a large number of students' written assignments on every day. In addition, whenever I have trainings or meetings with my coworkers, I frequently jot something down.

3. Do you think handwriting is important?

I couldn't agree more. Handwriting, in my opinion, is still important in the development of students, regardless of how advanced technological devices are. Without tracing letters, primary students are unlikely to remember the alphabets, which could have a negative impact on children's literacy skills.

4. Which do you prefer, handwriting or typing?

It depends. When it comes to work, I prefer typing or sending something via email because it is more professional and time-saving. When I send out invitations such as birthday invitations or wedding invitations, however, handwriting is preferred because I often put a lot of time and effort to write. As a result, the recipients can sense and appreciate the sincerity.

5. What is the difference between handwriting and typing?

The biggest difference between the two, in my opinion, is who their users are. The majority of users are undergraduates, office workers, or language learners because typing is faster and more convenient. Furthermore, there are a variety of digital writing assistant apps available, such as Grammarly, that can detect errors in writing and provide suggestions on how to improve written communication. Primary and secondary students, on the other hand, must frequently write down their lessons because they are not permitted to use any technological devices at schools.


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