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Bài viết giới thiệu Sample IELTS Speaking - Part 2 với chủ đề: Describe an interesting discussion you had with someone about money.

Describe an interesting discussion you had with someone about how you spend your money. You should say:

- Who you had the discussion with

- Why do you discuss this topic

- What the result of the discussion was

- Explain why this discussion was interesting for you

I'm going to talk about an interesting conversation I had with my classmate about money management.

If my memory serves me correctly, this conversation took place ten years ago. It was part of the individual investment subject because I studied finance at university. I was paired up with Huy to create a presentation about "How to Use Money Wisely." This project accounted for one-third of the overall grade of this subject. In other words, Huy and I would not have been able to complete our second year of university without it.

It was extremely lucky for me because my teammate had an excellent sense of financial management. He shared a lot of useful information with me while we worked on the project together. He told me that his mother had taught him how to manage money from a young age. He was given a monthly allowance to spend on personal items such as candy or school supplies, and he was required to keep a record of what he purchased. He had no idea how to spend money wisely at first, but his mother did not give him any additional allowance until the next time. That is why he developed the habit of spending money on things that were absolutely necessary. This also aided him in developing financial discipline. He taught me how much of income I should spend on daily basis and how much I should save for the future, such as how much I should put aside for rainy days. In addition, I learned about different types of investments, such as real estate, stocks, and shares.

Actually, we did exceptionally well in our project, as you might expect. Our lecturer gave us high marks for our presentation because it was well-structured. Our presentation focused on three main points: how to spend money wisely, how to invest money, and our personal lessons.

If I still have time, I'd like to share some of the reasons why I was glad to meet Huy. This discussion was important to me. To be honest, before doing teamwork with Huy, I had no idea about money discipline because I used to be a frequent impulse buyer. I had had a tendency to make a sudden purchase decision without careful consideration, And, as a result of this discussion, I had a good understanding of how to manage my income.


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